On our way to happiness

We control a great deal of our own happiness. Even for 50 percent, contemporary science tells us. In our journey of understanding happiness, Ap Dijksterhuis connects humorously the modern psychology and neuroscience with the classical western philosophy and eastern philosophy. The reader is being brought into a world of the Buddhistic ideal of mindfulness and the healing effect of travelling, and towards questions whether we own a free will, the similarity between faith in God and participating in festivals, the wisdom of John Lennon’s mother and the pitfall of the consumption society, Socrates’ ideas about taking care of the soul, the best ways to set the right goals, and the typical 21th century question how often –for your own peace of mind- you should check your email.

In his bestseller The smart unconscious, Dijksterhuis wrote that, even though our behaviour is mainly directed by the unconscious, we need our conscious to experience happiness. In On our way to happiness he explains how we can achieve this. Because: who doesn’t want to become happy?

Original title:
Dijksterhuis - Op naar geluk
Op naar geluk
September 2015
312 pages
20,000 copies sold
100.000 copies sold of his first book!

Ap Dijksterhuis (1968) is one of the most influential psychologists in the Netherlands. He is a professor psychology of the unconscious at the Radboud University Nijmegen. He is also one of the editors of the internationally acclaimed Science Magazine. He won many prizes, among them the Early Career Award of the American Psychological Association. 100.000 copies were sold of his book The smart unconscious.

Press comments about The smart unconscious:

‘Dijksterhuis has a wonderful and sometimes even humorous way of writing. The book is a quick read and in the same time an exciting novel and scientific.  De Psycholoog