Maan’s silence

The new novel from one of our best writers.

When the elevator doors open in the lobby of a large university building creative writing teacher, August Voois, has witnessed Professor Eddie Maan lying dead on the elevator floor.

Oddly, a bit later, when the doors open again the body has disappeared and seems to be completely missing.

Eddie Maan was hated at the university, but did anyone have enough reasons to murder him? August decides to investigate accompanied by a young student. The university is considerably more involved than he first suspected. While August tries to solve the problem of the missing body, he finds that he himself has something to settle.

Maan’s Silence has the suspense of a thriller, but is also an intriguing novel in which dying, faith and loneliness play an important role. What does it mean to live and to die? And what does it mean to be hated or loved?

Original title

Storm - Maans stilte
Maan’s stilte

May 2015
200 pages
500 copies sold

Arie Storm is the writer of several books; the acclaimed Listening to How Houses Breathe is his last novel.

Press comments about Listening to How Houses Breathe:

‘He gives the everyday an almost mystical quality. One of the most unusual novels published this year in The Netherlands.’ Joost de Vries, De Groene Amsterdammer

‘A delicious novel from an anguished, whimsical writer.’ Jeroen Vullings, Vrij Nederland

‘A rich novel.’ Persis Bekkering, de Volkskrant