After the unsolved murder of his wife, former psychiatrist Aron Mulder leads a secluded life in their bungalow. The rumors about his involvement in the murder have driven away his clients and his son, Alexander, who moved to New Orleans and took a new name. When it turns out that Alexander is suspected of murdering his girlfriend, Nathalie Underwood, in the swamps of Louisiana, Aron decides to take action.

Meanwhile, the Underwood case is being investigated by the American detective Hanna Vincennes, who is under pressure from her superiors and the media. She immerses herself in Underwood’s life, and, the more that is asked of her, the more she begins to doubt the police investigation.

What does this murder have to do with the murder of Aron’s wife? And, will Aron be on time to free his son?

Ultimatum is a unusually exciting psychological thriller in which a father and his son are diametrically opposed to each other and a detective confronts her obsessions. The reader is dragged into the bizarre intersection of these lives.

Original title:

Heerma van Voss - Ultimatum
May 2015
280 page
2500 copies sold

  Press comments:

‘A successful debut of two non-rookies. The much abused label ‘’literary thriller’’ would not have been unreasonable here.’ NRC Handelsblad ★★★★

‘Beautifully drawn atmosphere and asides.’  Trouw

 Daan Heerma van Voss (1986) is the author of the novels A Sunday Man (Een zondagsman) (2011, nominated for the Anton Wachterprijs), Without Time to Lose (Zonder tijd te verliezen) (2012), The Forgetting (De vergeting) (2013) and The Land 32 (Het land 32) (2014, nominated for the Halewijnprijs and the Cutting Edge Award). In addition, he writes for among others, De Morgen, Humo, nrc.next, Hard gras, Vrij Nederland, Das Magazin, De Groene Amsterdammer, American Vogue and The New York Times. In 2012 he won De Tegel for journalistic excellence

Thomas Heerma van Voss (1990) debuted with The Everything Table (De allestafel)(2009). Thereafter, he wrote Stern (2013) and the story collection The Third Person (De derde persoon) (2014). He writes essays, articles and stories in, among others: de Volkskrant, nrc.next, Vrij Nederland, Trouw, De Gids, Hollands Maandblad, Das Magazin en Tirade.

Ultimatum is the first book that the brothers Heerma van Voss have written together.