In the margins of world events, everyday people, X&Y, are trying to impress each other, to find a neat resolution to something or to save their own skin. In 33 miniature psychological stories, Franca Treur reveals how staggeringly lonely they actually are.




Original title:

Treur - X&Y

February 2016
96 pages
8,000 copies sold

Franca Treur debuted in 2009 with the novel Threshing Floor Full of Confetti, which sold more than 150,000 copies. It was the most acclaimed literary debut in years. The book has won several awards and was made into a film. In 2014 Treur published her second novel, The Commune, and in 2015, for the Zeeland Book Week, she wrote I Wouldn’t Expect Anything. She also writes stories, essays and columns for various media.

 Press comments about X&Y:

‘Franca Treur! In NRC Handelsblad there was such a beautiful story, called ‘Slaughter’. It was a very sad story. I cried my eyes out.’ Maarten Biesheuvel

‘Razor sharp!’ NRC Handelsblad ****

 X&Y: gathered beauties.’ De Morgen ****

 ‘Masterstroke.’ de Volkskrant ****