Now you

Fifteen very different people. All at a certain moment in their lives, a moment when things explode or implode, stall or release, break, or get better.

You Now is about strangling loneliness. It’s about flight and escape, which are in no way the same. About pasts that continue to haunt you until you learn to know better. About the love that can help, if you dare to permit it. The desire to be seen, the stifling pressure to do well, the fear of happiness, often greater than that of grief. It’s about the remarkable resilience of those who refuse to give up and the violent world that sometimes, even the bravest, find impossible.

Griet Op de Beeck hasn’t written a novel, however You Now isn’t an accidental collection of closely related stories either. It is indeed the intention to start and read from the beginning to the end and to discover that the book is more than the sum of its parts — not because the stories are connected, but because in this way the writer is attempting to tell you something that far transcends the vicissitudes of fifteen separate individuals.

Original title:

Beeck - Gij nu

Gij nu
February 2016
288 pages
75,000 copies sold

Griet Op de Beeck (1973) was awarded the Bronze Owl Audience Award in 2013 for most successful debut novel, Many Heavens Above the Seventh, and the book was nominated for the AKO Literature Prize in 2013 and the Academica Literature Prize 2014. Her second book, Get Over Here and Kiss Me was embraced by readers and has now sold more than 250,000 copies.

Press comments:
‘A very touching book.’ Algemeen Dagblad ****

‘Again, she exposes the sensory nerve with chirurgic precision.’ de Volkskrant

‘A wonderful book.’ Margriet