Get over here and kiss me

Mona is only a little girl when she experiences what no person should ever have to deal with. To cope she thinks: I’ll be brave. And she does so for her father and her mother and Marie.

She grows up and goes to work for a large theater director. Then she meets a man. Perhaps everything will be okay, who knows? But then news about her father arrives and collapses the ground beneath her feet.

Get over here and kiss me is a story about children, and it’s a story about parents. It’s about broken people and what they can do to each other. It’s a story about where responsibility ends and guilt begins. About secrets and solitude. About loss and silence. About the dangers of being too strong. About forgetting and not being able to forget. About turning away and turning toward. About perseverance. About knowing better and about coming together anyway. It’s about daring to save yourself and wondering if that’s even possible. Finally, it’s about love because that’s all we have, or almost all we have, in the end.

Original title

Beeck - Kom hier dat ik u kus
Kom hier dat ik u kus

October 2014
336 pages
275.000 copies sold


Griet Op de Beeck (1973) worked as a drama teacher in the theater for ten years. She went on to write for Humo and for De Morgen. This, her second novel since the appearance of Many Heavens Above the Seventh, has being eagerly awaited.

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Film rights sold!

Rights sold: Germany (btb)


Press comments about Many Heavens Above the Seventh:

‘Op de Beeck is a keen observer (…). In the smartly written, Many Heavens Above the Seventh, Op de Beeck is able to hit several different registers at once.’ Vrij Nederland

 ‘A wonderful debut.’ HP/ De Tijd

 ‘A peerless book.’ De Standaard