Many heavens above the seventh

Lou is 12, Eva 36, Elsie 42, Casper 46, Jos 71. Five people, connected to each other, tell their story; about unexpected happiness that makes things difficult, about secrets that seem too big, about the complex art of being young, about obstacles that become mountains, which are hard to climb, about continuing to try, where no one can.

In Many Heavens Above the Seventh five diverse characters fight more with themselves than with each other in this life that is both ridiculously beautiful and greatly difficult.

Many Heavens Above the Seventh is Griet Op de Beeck’s impressive debut novel. With beautiful sentences and original observations she creates, not only a set of intriguing characters, but also sketches a striking picture of this time. Many Heavens is a complex novel that you can’t put down: witty, painful and recognizable. This writer is here to stay.

Original title

Beeck - Vele hemels
Vele hemels boven de zevende

January 2013
272 pages
180.000 copies sold

 Griet Op de Beeck (1973) worked as a drama teacher in the theater for ten years. She went on to write for Humo and for De Morgen. Many Heavens Above the Seventh  was awarded the 2013 Bronze Owl Audience Award, and the book was nominated for the AKO Literature Prize that year as well. In 2014 it was nominated for the Academica Literature. It is being filmed by Jan Matthys, for whom Op de Beeck developed the scenario.

Film rights sold!

Rights sold: Czech Republic (Host)

Press comments:

‘A heartwarming, not to be missed, new voice from Belgium.’ Tom Lanoye

‘It is fleet-footed, sharp, and soft. It is every day, commonplace, and it is poetry. The prose debut from Griet Op de Beeck is a complete surprise. (…) Op de Beeck has written an enchanting work.’ de Volkskrant *****

‘A warm book that could have been twice as long.’ NRC Handelsblad

‘Op de Beeck knows how to get under the skin of her characters and their misery and power go right through your soul. The characters are so real that the book reads itself. ’ Trouw