Heineken in Africa

Like no other company, Heineken penetrates the fabric of African societies. The multinational, whose activity on the continent extends to the nineteen thirties, realized early that future growth must come largely from Africa. Heineken in Africa is the result of three years of groundbreaking investigative journalism. In the course of reporting this story, the author visited all the African countries in which Heineken has breweries, spoke to nearly 300 involved people and did thorough archival and literary research.

With his lively and accessible style, Olivier van Beemen gives additional insight into modern Africa and the role that business plays there.

The revelations in Heineken in Africa, including those on tax evasion, complicity in human rights violations and controversial business partners, have now led to questions in the Dutch House of Representatives and the European Parliament. It has inspired leading columnists, like Bas Heijne and Sheila Sitalsing to give fiery diatribes. At first, Heineken ignored the book, but now has devoted a separate website to its issues.

Original title:

Beemen - Heineken in Afrika
Heineken in Afrika

January 2016
416 pages
5,000 copies sold


Press comments:

‘In his elaborate book van Beemen shows that also at Heineken ideals are completely subservient to the profit motive and that the importance of African development, about which Heineken and [Dutch prime minister] Rutte never stop talking, is in reality not much bigger than the percent of real truffel in the pasta from an Aldi supermarket.’ Bas Heijne, NRC Handelsblad

‘Great book.’ Paul van Liempt, RTL Z

‘I read this book excitedly and enjoyed it as much as Congo from David van Reybrouck.’ Ton Dietz, manager Afrika Studiecentrum Leiden

Heineken in Africa is a must-read for every entrepreneur or manager active in Africa or who aspires to be so, and for everyone with an interest in the ethics of business. One of the most valuable management books I have read in years.’ Managementboek.nl