Delay aging

Why are we mortal? Why do we age? And, what can we do about it? What is the connection between sex and aging or between cancer and immortality? In Delay Aging, Verburgh, besides providing answers to such questions, outlines the future breakthroughs that can not only slow down aging, but can even reverse it. In short, he writes about how to make people young again. Furthermore, Verburgh takes on the many misconceptions about aging, such as we get older because we simply wear out, or that antioxidants can slow down aging. Verburgh also discusses the role of nutrition in speeding up or slowing down aging. He explains why so many people suffer with obesity, and why the classical explanation for it is inadequate. He also explains why the best diet to lose weight is, at the same time, the best one to slow aging.

Moreover, in Delay Aging a new model is put forth with several steps including methods to slow down the aging process.

Original title:

Verburgh - Veroudering vertragen
Veroudering vertragen

October 2015
336 pages
30.000 copies sold

Kris Verburgh (1986) is a physician and researcher. At the age of 17 he published his first scientific book and three years later his second. His publications have been reprinted many times and nominated for various prizes. He has been fascinated by the aging process and the importance of diet in preventing disease since a young age.    

About The Food Hour Glass:

Rights sold: Italy (Feltrinelli), UK (HarperCollins), Germany (Goldmann/Random House), Denmark (Politikens), Poland (Galaktyka), Spain (Grijalbo/Random House), under offer in Croatia, Russia, China

325.000 copies sold !

Press comments:

‘An endless source of medical food facts.’ Vrij Nederland

‘An elaborate book. […] Clearly and contagiously written.’ Nederlands Dagblad

‘Governments and health care institutions who are worried about trends such as the global demographic shift and unsustainable and unaffordable health care would do well to read The Food Hourglass: the simple but effectively substantiated solution lies in eating and living healthier!’ Reinier Evers, Trendwatcher of the Year, founder of