Hotel without stars

They had found a way to love each other forever. It was to never come together. But ten years and  a marriage each later Andreas’s telephone rings very early one morning. It’s her. She takes a deep breath. Then she says: ‘Andreas? I believe I have a very lovely gift.’

He wants nothing more than to believe what she believes. She once said: ‘I believe that I never again will recover from you.’

She wants to give him two days. Two days alone with each other. “Your wife and my husband, of course, never have to find out. ‘Andreas has always known that she has too much imagination, but that’s what he fell for and also her eyes when she tells a lie. Portugal is the place where Larissa wants to spend the two days with Andreas, the Bussaco Palace Hotel, the most beautiful hotel in Europe because, after ten years, they are entitled to such superlatives.


She says his name like a question.


He returns her name like an answer.

‘Will you go?’

With an extremely precise yet light pen, Lara Taveirne in Hotel Without Stars takes us on a journey to resolute desire, with an uncertain outcome.

Original title:

Hotel zonder sterren

October 2015
248 pages


Lara Taveirne (1983) is a director and author. She believes in love as the origin and cause of all things. She wrestles with this belief in her work. And, sometimes, if she succeeds in finding the right words, she discovers yet another facet necessary to her pen. In 2014, she debuted with The Children of Calais, an impressive novel that left her readers speechless. This was promptly nominated for the Bronze Boekenuil 2014. Hotel Without Stars is her second novel, which will be her definitive breakthrough.