Wet pussies

Oscar van Beuseghem is a man you to ‘hate to love’, or the other way around. As a child he was abused by his mother, many women in his neighborhood and his uncle Andre. Now he is out for revenge. Big time. Revenge on those who hurt him, but also the rest of the world. Women first of all. And black men, especially black men (and Japanese, Italians, Lesbians, cheating spouses, the obese and the elderly, whatever suits him). In the mean time, he gets embroiled in a bizarre fight with his buddy in the psychiatric ward, learns from Fanta, a girl from South Sudan, what love really is and, is forced to deal with the scams of Serge van Houffelen, a man without a mother.

Original title


Natte dozen
August 2014
336 pages
2000 copies sold

 Marnix Peters started his career as disk jockey at Studio Brussels and established his name as rock journalist at Humo magazine. After that, he was the top interview journalist for newspapers Het Laatste Nieuws en De Morgen. After his career in journalism, he retreated to a mountain in the German-speaking Swiss cantons where he wrote his debut novel The Day We Sawed Off Andy’s Arm. Wet Pussies is his second novel, cementing his reputation as an author. In 2014 he published The Ruination and Unbelievable Resurrection of Eddy Vangelis.

‘A fast-paced and delightful book.’ De Morgen

‘Brilliantly written, with an enviable dexterity on the language and an impressive sense of direction.’ Humo

‘Peeters breaks more taboos in this book than Brusselmans and Houellebecq in their entire oeuvre.’ De Tijd