The blood in our veins

The summer of 1921. Deep in the Rif Mountain Range, the Moroccan Berbers are revolting against the Spanish occupiers. In a matter of days, they force the Spanish army to retreat to the coast causing a true blood bath. The young captain Augusto Santamaría is one of the few to escape. He barely survives his injuries but will be an invalid for the rest of his life and can never return to the army. He is appointed as commissioner with the Madrilian safety corps. After years of military campaigns in Africa, Santamaría finds civilian life to be deeply unsatisfying. His military reputation means nothing and his work seems more symbolic than meaningful. But when the political unrest increases and Madrid is rattled by the murders of a number of his colleagues, it seems that there is a place for him in the new Spain after all.

 The blood in our veins is the pinnacle of the young author Miquel Bulnes’ career to date. This is a monumental, beautiful and especially exciting novel, written in a magnificent style, about courage, determination and survival instincts in dark times.

 Original title

125 x 200 WT
Het bloed in onze aderen

February 2011
624 pages
15,000 copies sold

Rights: Antonia Kerrigan Agency (world)


 Miquel Bulnes (1976) is of half Dutch and half   Spanish descent and wrote this book alternately in both countries. His earlier work includes the extremely well-received novels Zorg (Care), Lab and Attaque!.

Rights sold: France (Actes Sud), Spain (Grupo Planeta)

Press comments:

‘An overwhelming plot […] A great thick book to plunge into, lying on the couch on a weekend.’ Vrij Nederland

‘Iron cast historical novel, which deserves to be translated in the near future.’ NRC Handelsblad