‘What a shitty world, dude! After countless, well-intentioned, attempts to lead a normal life and just as many failures, this is the only conclusion Eus, a Turkish teenager from the east of the country, can come up with. He lives constantly at odds with his gruff father, befriends campers, ends up in a case of honor killings, and draws on raids through Europe.

At full throttle, and lacing his prose with gallows humor Özcan Akyol describes the life of a boy who tries to escape the fate of insignificance. This is not a novel about multiculturalism, not a success story of a poor man who works his way up to influential entrepreneur, or the sentimental story of a criminal who gets back on the right path. This is the story of Eus.

Original title:

Akyol - Eus (midprice 2014)

March 2013
272 pages
35.000 copies sold

Rights: Kalem Agency (Turkish language only)

Özcan Akyol (Deventer, 1984) studied Journalism and Dutch. He has evolved from street urchin to a writer with true literary promise.

English sample translation available

Press comments:

‘After Eus, Dutch literature will never be the same.’ Joost Zwagerman
‘Much of Dutch literature sounds the same. Özcan Akyol is different. Not only is his story original, but the way he has written it is as well. I anticipate the moment that his debut novel is finally finished.’ Robert Vuijsje

‘The French have Céline, the Americans Bukowski, and now we have Özcan Akyol, the first truly unscrupulous writer in the Netherlands.’ Teun van de Keuken, journalist and program maker