As if out of nowhere a young doctor shows up in Fall, a small fishing village surrounded by a huge forest. He comes as if called: Lyndon, the old country doctor, has just died and the new doctor takes up residence in his stately home, surrounded by forests. On his rounds he meets some colorful characters. The sheriff, Dwight, the insomniac who calls him in the middle of the night to explain the history of Fall, the seductive Rose who runs a brothel, and the young teacher Jonathan who would love to write a novel but doubts his talent.

However, their stories soon begin to resemble a confession — everyone turns out to have a dark secret and the doctor must also come to terms with its past. Was coming to Fall really a coincidence?

When he discovers a gruesome 8mm film in Lyndon’s attic and Fall women begin to disappear, the story takes a dark turn. What once seemed an idyllic place, now appears to be harboring a dark cancer.

With Fall, Roderik Six descends into the deepest recesses of the human mind. Armed with stylistic brilliance he goes mercilessly in search of the ultimate evil because Fall festers in each of us.

Original title:

Six - Val

September 2015
240 pages

Roderik Six (1979) is a literary journalist and columnist for the weekly magazine Knack. His debut novel Flood struck like lightening and was awarded, among others, the Bronze Owl for the best Dutch debut. In 2014 he published The Book Doctor, an acclaimed collaboration with his now sadly deceased former colleague and friend, Thomas Blondeau. He has also published numerous short stories in literary magazines at home and abroad.

Press comments:

Fall is a literary thriller like a literary thriller should be.’ De Standaard ★★★★★