‘Love, I thought as I masturbated in front of the TV with its picture of a bunch of withered experts, and my mind gave way to her face, her breasts and her entirely too young body. Why does no one ever talk about love, about what it makes of us, to what end it leads us? ’

Plastic surgeon Tomas Augustus is trapped in the rut of his marriage when he, to his surprise, falls in love with the much younger Maria. For the first time in his life he truly doubts his earlier choices and contemplates the lie that he is living. But just as Tomas sees a chance for a new beginning, the country is paralyzed by a highly-contagious, deadly disease. A large part of the population falls prey to the epidemic, and Tomas is one of the few survivors. Hidden away at home, he tells his life story. His whole life he had not been touched by anything. Why then suddenly now?

Quarantine is the terrifying story of an entire country under lock down and a cynic who at last, perhaps too late, learns what it means to be human.

Original title:

boekomslag Quarantaine - Wytske Versteeg

October 2015
168 pages

Wytske Versteeg broke through in 2012 with The Discharged. She contributes to, among others, NRC Handelsblad, De Revisor, Das magazine, Nouveau, and the VPRO Guide.
Press comments about Boy:

‘A huge discovery; one would like to say it more often about a debut novel, but rarely is it possible: the Netherlands is a writer richer.’ NRC Handelsblad

‘Extreme, uninterrupted drama. With her contemplative, almost careless tone, Versteeg keeps the suffering at a distance, allowing the reader room to breathe.’ Vrij Nederland

 ‘Versteeg appoints uncomfortable truths.’ Het Parool