A unique publishing adventure: Natural Law, a novel about the world in a distant time, written by the phenomenal Solomonica de Winter. Solomonica is Dutch and writes in English; this English-language edition will be published first exclusively in the Netherlands and Flanders.

In New America, people live divided into four different rival nations according to Natural Law. The world as we know it no longer exists, and life is hard and bleak, but, most importantly, it is a world without written record. Continuous war renders peace impossible, and amid all this chaos Gaia Marinos is trying to hide. She is a survivor, a mutant, hiding from the nations that are trying to kill her. When they discover Gaia, her most crucial mission is to find the world’s last books, but how far is she willing to go?
Natural Law is a thought-provoking and intense story about the rise and downfall of a heroine in a sinister world.

Solomonica de Winter (Bloemendaal, 1997) has lived in the United States, Israel, and Italy, and is currently living in Amsterdam again. Her first novel, Over the Rainbow, was an international bestseller.

About Over the Rainbow:

‘I read Over the Rainbow with great admiration.’
Ronald Ockhuysen – Het Parool

Over the Rainbow is incredibly cool, serene, stylish and solidly told. (…) It is barely imaginable that this was written by a sixteen-year-old.’
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Over the Rainbow transcends the young adult novel. For the sixteen-year-old that she is, she is remarkably experienced. She writes cinematically and evocatively, and uses beautiful metaphors.’
De Morgen

Solomonica de Winter (Bloemendaal, 1997) is de dochter van auteurs Leon de Winter en Jessica Durlacher. Ze heeft in de Verenigde Staten, Israël en Italië gewoond en woont momenteel weer in Amsterdam. Haar eerste roman,…


ISBN : 9789044652390
Taal : Nederlands
Uitvoering : Gebonden
Aantal pagina's : 392
Editie : 1e druk
Verschijningsdatum : oktober 2022

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